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Components Express (CEI) USB3-1-2-2-1M USB3 A to Micro B Robotic Straight with Thumbscrews - 1 Meter Robotic Cable

Components Express (CEI) USB3-1-2-2-1M USB3 A to Micro B Robotic Straight with Thumbscrews - 1 Meter Robotic Cable


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Enhance Your Industrial Connectivity with CEI USB3-1-2-2-1M Robotic Cable

Components Express USB3-1-2-2-1M Robotic Cable stands as a pinnacle of industrial connectivity solutions, specifically engineered for seamless integration into machine vision and security systems. Crafted with precision engineering and utilizing industrial-grade materials, this cable ensures high-speed and reliable data transmission in demanding industrial environments. With its robust construction, it excels in providing uninterrupted connectivity essential for the smooth operation of industrial processes.

Featuring USB3 technology, this cable enables rapid data transfer, facilitating efficient communication between devices within industrial setups. The inclusion of thumbscrew connectors further enhances its reliability by securely fastening connections, preventing accidental disconnections common in dynamic industrial environments. Its 1-meter length offers flexibility in installation, accommodating various setups without compromising performance.

Whether deployed in automated inspection systems, robotic assembly lines, quality control processes, or industrial monitoring and surveillance systems, CEI USB3-1-2-2-1M Robotic Cable guarantees optimal performance and durability. Upgrade your industrial connectivity today with CEI's trusted solution, ensuring seamless operations and enhanced productivity in your industrial and machine vision applications.


  • High-speed USB3 data transmission
  • Durable construction for industrial environments
  • Thumbscrew connectors for secure connections
  • 1-meter length for versatile installations
  • Also available in 2, 3, 4 and 5 meter lengths


  • Automated inspection systems
  • Robotic assembly lines
  • Quality control processes
  • Industrial monitoring and surveillance systems
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