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Tamron 23FM12L 2/3" High Res Mono-focal Lens 12mm F/1.8 w/ Lock Manual

Tamron 23FM12L 2/3" High Res Mono-focal Lens 12mm F/1.8 w/ Lock Manual


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Enhance Your Machine Vision and Industrial Systems with Tamron's 23FM12L Lens

Product Spec Sheet

Tamron, a renowned brand in the optical industry, offers the 23FM12L 2/3" High Resolution Mono-focal Lens, designed to meet the rigorous demands of machine vision and industrial applications. This lens features a 12mm focal length and an aperture range of 1.8 to 16, providing excellent image clarity and precision. Its manual focus and iris, both equipped with locks, ensure stable and accurate adjustments, making it ideal for environments where precision is critical.

The Tamron 23FM12L supports a variety of sensor sizes up to 2/3", delivering a wide field of view with a horizontal angle of 40.9° and a vertical angle of 30.9°. The lens's compact design, with a maximum diameter of 29mm and a weight of just 46g, allows for easy integration into various systems without adding significant bulk. Additionally, its minimum object distance of 10.2 inches (0.26m) and effective front and rear lens diameters ensure versatile application possibilities.

Customers using the Tamron 23FM12L in machine vision and industrial settings will benefit from its reliability and performance, enhancing their imaging systems for tasks such as quality control, inspection, and automation. This lens is a testament to Tamron’s commitment to providing high-quality optical solutions that meet the needs of advanced imaging applications.


  • 2/3" high-resolution mono-focal lens
  • 12mm focal length
  • Aperture range from 1.8 to 16
  • Manual focus and iris with locks
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Wide field of view: 40.9° x 30.9° (2/3" sensor)
  • Minimum object distance: 10.2 inches (0.26m)
  • Effective diameter: Ø11.7mm/Ø8.0mm
  • Filter size: M25.5 P=0.5


  • Quality control inspections
  • Industrial automation
  • Machine vision systems
  • Security camera systems
  • Robotics vision
  • Precision measurement
  • Surveillance systems
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