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ADL/Senko FTC-2X HD Optical 2X Teleconverter Lens

ADL/Senko FTC-2X HD Optical 2X Teleconverter Lens


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Elevate Your Surveillance with ADL/Senko HD Optical FTC-2X Teleconverter Lens

Product Spec Sheet

ADL/Senko stands at the forefront of the optical equipment industry, specializing in cutting-edge machine vision and industrial lenses. Among their innovative offerings is the ADL/Senko HD Optical FTC-2X 2X Teleconverter Lens, engineered to redefine long-distance surveillance capabilities. Crafted with precision and expertise, this teleconverter lens boasts a 3G-5E (3-group, 5-element) all-glass construction, ensuring unparalleled image quality and clarity. With a full HD resolution of 2 Mega, it maintains the original F-stop, minimizing any degradation while effectively doubling the focal length of your camera.

Ideal for integration with Sony FCB-EV Series HD Block Cameras, this lens caters to a diverse range of applications in security, surveillance, border patrol, military operations, and UAV monitoring. Its adaptability extends to camera modules with a front lens diameter of less than 33mm, enhancing flexibility and usability across various setups. Whether you're safeguarding national borders, conducting military reconnaissance, or monitoring unmanned aerial vehicles, the ADL/Senko FTC-2X delivers exceptional performance and reliability.

By investing in this teleconverter lens, you're not just upgrading your surveillance equipment; you're empowering your operations with advanced optics engineered to meet the demands of critical environments. Experience enhanced vision, extended range, and unmatched clarity with ADL/Senko HD Optical FTC-2X Teleconverter Lens. Elevate your surveillance capabilities today.


  • 3G-5E all-glass construction
  • Full HD resolution (2 Mega)
  • Maintains original F-stop
  • Doubles focal length
  • Compatible with Sony FCB-EV Series HD Block Cameras
  • Easy adaptability for various camera modules


  • Security surveillance
  • Border Patrol monitoring
  • Military reconnaissance
  • UAV operations
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