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AVP 15 Foot (4.5 Meters) HDMI Cable

AVP 15 Foot (4.5 Meters) HDMI Cable


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Elevate Your Industrial Connectivity with AVP HDMI Cable

Enhance your security and machine vision systems with the AVP 15 ft HDMI High-Speed 4K with Ethernet cable. Designed to meet the latest HDMI standards, this cable ensures seamless data transmission in industrial environments. With its 28 AWG build and foil+braid shield, it guarantees reliable performance and durability.

The AVP HDMI cable facilitates high-definition video and multi-channel digital audio transfer, supporting resolutions up to 4K. Its installation-friendly design and 15-foot length make it suitable for various applications, from security cameras to HD monitors and encoders. Whether in commercial settings or industrial facilities, this cable delivers exceptional connectivity for demanding requirements.

Upgrade your industrial connectivity with AVP HDMI Cable. Experience high-speed 4K resolution and Ethernet connectivity for seamless data transmission. Elevate your security and machine vision systems today!


  • High-speed 4K resolution with Ethernet
  • 15-foot length for versatile installation
  • 28 AWG build with foil+braid shield for durability
  • Fully compliant with HDMI standards
  • Also available in 6ft (1.8m), 10ft (3m), 25ft (7.6m)


  • Security camera systems
  • Machine vision setups
  • HD monitors in industrial facilities
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