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Components Express (CEI) MVC-1-3-1-2M Camera Link MDR to MDR (Standard to Standard) - 2 Meter Robotic Cable

Components Express (CEI) MVC-1-3-1-2M Camera Link MDR to MDR (Standard to Standard) - 2 Meter Robotic Cable


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Enhance Your Machine Vision Systems with CEI MVC-1-3-1-2M Camera Link Robotic Cable

The Components Express (CEI) MVC-1-3-1-2M Camera Link MDR to MDR - 2 Meter Robotic Cable is designed to meet the rigorous demands of industrial and machine vision applications. Renowned for its durability and high performance, this cable ensures stable and reliable data transmission, crucial for precision imaging and automation tasks.

Manufactured by Components Express, a leader in industrial cable technology, this 2-meter cable features robust MDR connectors at both ends, ensuring a secure connection and minimizing signal loss. The high-flexibility design is tailored for use in robotic applications where constant movement and flexibility are required. This makes it an ideal choice for dynamic environments such as automated manufacturing lines, inspection systems, and high-speed vision systems.

Industries relying on high-quality imaging and data transmission, such as automotive manufacturing, electronics assembly, and pharmaceuticals, can greatly benefit from the CEI MVC-1-3-1-2M. It supports high-resolution camera systems, ensuring that every detail is captured with precision, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and product quality.

Upgrade your machine vision systems with the CEI MVC-1-3-1-2M Camera Link Robotic Cable. Durable, reliable, and perfect for industrial applications. Order now for superior performance.


  • 2-meter length for flexible installations
  • MDR to MDR connectors for secure connections
  • High-flex design suitable for robotic applications
  • Durable construction for industrial environments
  • Ensures reliable data transmission
  • Also available in 1, 3, 5, 7 and 10 meter lengths


  • Automated manufacturing lines
  • Industrial inspection systems
  • High-speed vision systems
  • Robotics and automation
  • Precision imaging tasks
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