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Computar E1628KRY 1/1.7" 1.65mm 4K Fisheye IR Board Lens (S Mount)

Computar E1628KRY 1/1.7" 1.65mm 4K Fisheye IR Board Lens (S Mount)


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Enhance Your Vision with Computar E1628KRY 4K Fisheye IR Board Lens

Product Spec Sheet

Unlock unparalleled vision with the Computar E1628KRY 1/1.7" 1.65mm 4K Fisheye IR Board Lens. Engineered with precision optics, this lens optimizes image clarity and resolution, crucial for demanding machine vision and industrial inspection applications. Its 1/1.7" format and 1.65mm fixed lens deliver immersive 4K Ultra HD imaging, surpassing 8+ MP resolution for intricate detail capture. Equipped with IR correction and True Day/Night capabilities, it ensures consistent performance in varying lighting conditions, guaranteeing accurate image rendition round the clock.

Featuring an M12 (S Mount) interface and F2.8 aperture, this lens seamlessly integrates into your setup, offering versatility and ease of installation. Its equidistance projection further enhances image uniformity, minimizing distortion for precise analysis. Whether deployed in automated manufacturing, quality control, or surveillance systems, this lens empowers your machinery with unparalleled vision capabilities, enhancing efficiency and accuracy. Elevate your industrial vision systems to new heights with the Computar E1628KRY, where clarity meets reliability.


  • 1/1.7" Format
  • 1.65mm Fixed Lens
  • 4K Fisheye (over 8 MP)
  • True Day/Night Capability
  • IR Corrected
  • Equidistance Projection
  • M12 (S Mount)
  • F2.8 Aperture


  • Machine Vision Systems
  • Industrial Inspection
  • Automated Manufacturing
  • Quality Control
  • Surveillance Systems
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