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Computar M1214-VSW SWIR 2/3" 12mm, F1.4, C- Mount, Manual Iris Fully compatible with IMX990/ IMX991

Computar M1214-VSW SWIR 2/3" 12mm, F1.4, C- Mount, Manual Iris Fully compatible with IMX990/ IMX991


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ViSWIR Lite Series: Computar M1214-VSW SWIR Lens

Product Spec Sheet

The Computar M1214-VSW SWIR lens stands as a pivotal component within the realm of industrial and machine vision applications, offering unparalleled clarity and precision in imaging spanning the visible to short-wave infrared (SWIR) spectrum. Leveraging an innovative multilayer coating technology, this lens achieves extraordinary transmission capabilities ranging from 400nm to 1,700nm, ensuring minimal interference from adverse lighting conditions. Its high-resolution design coupled with minimal distortion guarantees megapixel clarity, rendering it an ideal choice for hyperspectral applications where precision is paramount. Fully compatible with IMX990/IMX991 sensors, this lens serves as a reliable asset in diverse settings requiring seamless integration with cutting-edge technology.

Available in a variety of focal lengths, including the versatile 12mm option, the Computar M1214-VSW SWIR lens is meticulously crafted around the popular φ8.20mm image circle format. Boasting the industry's most compact form factor, it seamlessly fits into a wide array of applications, from security systems and surveillance to quality control and remote sensing. Whether tasked with object detection or intricate surveillance operations, this lens delivers exceptional performance, elevating the standards of clarity and precision in industrial and machine vision applications. Experience the pinnacle of imaging excellence with the Computar M1214-VSW SWIR lens, your gateway to unparalleled vision clarity and precision.


  • Visible + SWIR sensors
  • Unique coating technology for high transmission
  • Megapixel clarity with low distortion
  • Compact form factor
  • IMX990/IMX991 compatible
  • Also available in 8mm, 16mm, 25mm,35mm, and 50mm
  • Designed around the popular φ8.20mm image circle format


  • Security systems
  • Surveillance
  • Quality control
  • Remote sensing
  • Object detection 
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