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Computar M2514-VSW ViSWIR 2/3" 25mm, F1.4, C- Mount, Manual Iris Lens Fully compatible with IMX990/ IMX991

Computar M2514-VSW ViSWIR 2/3" 25mm, F1.4, C- Mount, Manual Iris Lens Fully compatible with IMX990/ IMX991


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Advanced Features of Computar M2514-VSW ViSWIR Lens

Product Spec Sheet

The Computar M2514-VSW ViSWIR 2/3" 25mm lens represents a pinnacle of innovation in machine vision optics, catering specifically to the demanding requirements of industrial applications. Engineered with precision, this lens embodies cutting-edge optics technology, delivering exceptional clarity and accuracy in imaging tasks.

At the heart of its design lies a unique coating technology, enabling high transmission across a broad spectrum ranging from 400nm to 1,700nm. This enables the lens to capture both visible and short-wave infrared (ViSWIR) wavelengths with unparalleled efficiency, making it an invaluable asset in security systems and surveillance applications.

Built to withstand rigorous industrial environments, the M2514-VSW lens boasts a robust construction and a compact form factor, ensuring seamless integration into a wide range of machine vision setups. Its manual iris feature provides users with precise control over the amount of light entering the lens, optimizing image quality in varying lighting conditions.

Furthermore, the lens is fully compatible with IMX990 and IMX991 sensors, guaranteeing seamless integration with existing camera systems. Whether used for quality control in manufacturing, object recognition, or robotics guidance, the Computar M2514-VSW lens empowers users with unparalleled imaging performance, reliability, and versatility, setting a new standard in industrial machine vision optics.


  • Enhanced security with ViSWIR technology
  • Precise imaging with high resolution and low distortion
  • Compatible with IMX990/IMX991 sensors
  • Versatile: available in various focal lengths
  • Compact design fits most applications
  • Also available in 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 35mm, and 50mm


  • Surveillance systems
  • Quality control in manufacturing
  • Robotics guidance
  • Object recognition
  • Traffic monitoring
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