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Computar M2528-MPX 2/3" 25mm F2.8 Ruggedized Lens for 16 Megapixel cameras (C-Mount)

Computar M2528-MPX 2/3" 25mm F2.8 Ruggedized Lens for 16 Megapixel cameras (C-Mount)


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Enhance Your Security System with the Computar M2528-MPX Lens

Product Spec Sheet

The Computar M2528-MPX 2/3" 25mm F2.8 Ruggedized Lens is a powerful addition to any security system, specifically tailored for industrial and machine vision applications. Engineered with an anti-vibration and shock resistance design, this lens thrives in harsh inspection environments, ensuring reliable performance even in rugged conditions. Its high-resolution capabilities, supporting pixel sizes of 2μm or less, guarantee exceptional clarity in image capture.

Equipped with a floating mechanism, the lens delivers outstanding performance across varying distances, from close-up shots to long-range surveillance. The precision focus adjustment feature, boasting a rotation angle five times greater than standard lenses, enables fine-tuning for optimal image sharpness and detail. Additionally, the click-type iris mechanism allows seamless adjustments to aperture settings, ensuring consistent exposure control in diverse lighting conditions.

Available in focal lengths ranging from 8mm to 75mm, the Computar M2528-MPX lens offers versatility to suit a wide array of surveillance needs. Whether deployed in manufacturing environments for inspection tasks, guiding robotics systems, or monitoring security systems, this lens excels in delivering sharp, detailed images essential for critical analysis and decision-making processes. Elevate your security setup today with the superior performance and reliability of the Computar M2528-MPX lens.


  • Anti-vibration and shock resistance design
  • High-resolution lens with support for 2μm or less pixel size
  • Floating mechanism for versatile performance
  • Precise focus adjustment with a 5x greater rotation angle
  • Click-type iris mechanism for seamless aperture control
  • Also available in 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 35mm, 50mm, and 75mm focal lengths


  • Manufacturing inspection
  • Robotics guidance
  • Security surveillance
  • Quality control in production lines
  • Automated optical inspection
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