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Computar M7528-MPW3 4K 2/3" 75mm F2.8 (C Mount) Machine Vision Lens

Computar M7528-MPW3 4K 2/3" 75mm F2.8 (C Mount) Machine Vision Lens


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Boost Industrial Imaging: Computar M7528-MPW3: 6MP, 75mm F2.8 C-Mount Machine Vision Lens

Product Spec Sheet

Elevate your machine vision system's performance with the Computar M7528-MPW3, a high-resolution 6-megapixel lens designed for industrial and factory automation applications. This versatile lens boasts a 75mm focal length, ideal for capturing clear, detailed images at various working distances. Its impressive F2.8 aperture allows for excellent low-light performance, ensuring sharp images even in less than ideal lighting conditions.

The M7528-MPW3 utilizes a C-mount interface, providing compatibility with a wide range of industrial cameras. This compact and lightweight design simplifies integration into existing machine vision systems without sacrificing performance. Additionally, the lens features a short working distance, enabling sharp image capture of objects at close range.

A critical aspect of machine vision is image accuracy. The M7528-MPW3 delivers exceptional image quality with minimal distortion, minimizing image warping and ensuring precise measurements. Furthermore, the lens design prioritizes corner brightness, resulting in consistent image quality across the entire frame. This translates to reliable image data for tasks like defect detection, part measurement, and object recognition.


  • 6-megapixel resolution for high-definition image capture
  • 75mm focal length ideal for various industrial applications
  • F2.8 aperture delivers clear images in low-light conditions
  • C-mount interface for compatibility with a wide range of cameras
  • Compact and lightweight design for easy integration into machine vision systems
  • Short working distance for capturing close-up images
  • Low distortion minimizes image warping
  • Ensures corner brightness for consistent image quality
  • For the sensor types: IMX250, IMX264, ICX625, RJ32S4, EV2S05M, IMX178
  • Also available in 5mm, 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 35mm and 50mm


  • Factory automation
  • Quality control
  • Part measurement
  • Object recognition
  • Barcode reading


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