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Computar ML3Z1226UC-MPW Motorized FA Lens 12-36mm F2.6, LensConnect (CS-Mount)

Computar ML3Z1226UC-MPW Motorized FA Lens 12-36mm F2.6, LensConnect (CS-Mount)


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Computar ML3Z1226UC-MPW: The All-in-One Machine Vision Lens Solution

Product Spec Sheet

The Computar ML3Z1226UC-MPW Motorized FA Lens is a high-performance varifocal lens designed specifically for industrial and machine vision applications. This lens boasts a versatile 12-36mm focal length with a bright F2.6 aperture, allowing for excellent image quality in various lighting conditions.

The innovative LensConnect technology sets this lens apart. It features a USB connection for both power supply and control. This eliminates the need for separate power cables and simplifies camera setup. Additionally, the LensConnect software (compatible with Windows and Linux) facilitates remote adjustments of zoom, focus, and iris (P-Iris control).

The Computar ML3Z1226UC-MPW utilizes a 2/3" image sensor format and CS-mount for seamless integration with various industrial cameras. Its floating focus design guarantees exceptional image clarity from close-up distances to infinity, while stepper motors ensure precise and repeatable focus control.


  • Remote zoom, focus, and iris control (P-Iris) via USB connection
  • 12-36mm varifocal lens for versatile field of view adjustment
  • F2.6 aperture for excellent low-light performance
  • 2/3" image sensor compatibility
  • CS-mount for easy integration with industrial cameras
  • High-resolution optics for superior image clarity
  • Floating focus design for exceptional close-up image quality
  • Stepper motors for precise and repeatable focus control


  • Factory automation
  • Quality control inspections
  • Object recognition and identification
  • Measurement and gauging
  • Robotics guidance systems
  • Machine learning and deep learning applications
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