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Computar TEC-2X (M55-0.75X ) 2/3" Extender (2X) for TEC-55

Computar TEC-2X (M55-0.75X ) 2/3" Extender (2X) for TEC-55


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Double Your TEC-55 Lens's Power: Computar TEC-2X Extender

Product Spec Sheet

The Computar TEC-2X extender is a valuable accessory for machine vision and industrial automation applications. This (M55-0.75X) telecentric extender doubles the focal length of your existing Computar TEC-55 lens, enabling you to capture magnified views of objects at a greater working distance. This is particularly beneficial for tasks requiring high-precision imaging, such as object inspection, defect detection, and measurement tasks in production lines.

The telecentric design of the TEC-2X extender ensures consistent image quality across the entire field of view, eliminating perspective distortion that can occur with standard lenses. This is crucial for machine vision applications where accurate measurements and reliable image analysis are essential.

The extender seamlessly attaches to your TEC-55 lens using the standard C-Mount connection. This easy installation allows you to quickly upgrade your existing lens system without the need for a complete lens replacement.


  • Doubles focal length of TEC-55 lens
  • Maintains telecentric design for consistent image quality
  • M55-0.75X / 2/3" format
  • C-Mount compatibility


  • Object inspection
  • Defect detection
  • Measurement tasks
  • High-precision imaging
  • Robotics and automation
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