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Computar TEC-75 (M55-2.0X ) 2/3" Adapter (.75) for TEC-55

Computar TEC-75 (M55-2.0X ) 2/3" Adapter (.75) for TEC-55


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Unlock Wider Compatibility for Your TEC-55 Telecentric Lens

Product Spec Sheet

The Computar TEC-75 is a 2/3" adapter specifically designed to expand the capabilities of your TEC-55 Telecentric Lens. By seamlessly connecting your TEC-55 lens to a wider range of 2/3" industrial cameras, the TEC-75 adapter unlocks greater versatility for your machine vision and industrial imaging applications.

This innovative adapter preserves the exceptional optical performance you expect from the TEC-55 lens. Its telecentric design continues to deliver distortion-free images, crucial for precise measurement tasks in machine vision. The TEC-75 also maintains the TEC-55's wide depth of field, ensuring crisp and clear image capture across various working distances. Additionally, the fast F2.8 aperture of the TEC-55 lens is maintained, allowing for optimal performance in low-light environments often encountered in industrial settings.


  • Enables TEC-55 Telecentric Lens compatibility with 2/3" cameras
  • Maintains telecentric design for precise image measurement
  • Delivers wide depth of field for capturing clear, crisp images
  • Fast F2.8 aperture for low-light performance


  • Machine vision inspection systems
  • Industrial automation tasks
  • Robotics applications
  • Electronics inspection
  • Food and beverage processing
  • Pharmaceutical packaging
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