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Computar TEC-M05110MPC 2MP, 2/3" 111.8mm, Telecentric Lens, 0.5x magnification (C Mount) w/ coaxial

Computar TEC-M05110MPC 2MP, 2/3" 111.8mm, Telecentric Lens, 0.5x magnification (C Mount) w/ coaxial


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Power Up Your Machine Vision System: Computar TEC-M05110MPC Telecentric Lens

Product Spec Sheet

The Computar TEC-M05110MPC is a high-performance telecentric lens designed specifically for machine vision and industrial imaging applications. This 2-megapixel lens features a 0.5x magnification and a compact design, making it ideal for capturing clear, undistorted images of larger objects at a fixed working distance of 111.8mm.

One of the key advantages of telecentric lenses is their ability to minimize image distortion. This is achieved by placing the entrance pupil of the lens at infinity. As a result, objects at varying depths within the field of view appear virtually the same size, reducing measurement errors and improving overall image quality.

The Computar TEC-M05110MPC also features coaxial lighting capability. This allows for illumination to be delivered directly through the lens barrel, ensuring consistent and uniform lighting across the entire field of view. This is crucial for machine vision applications where consistent lighting is essential for accurate image analysis.

The lens uses a C-Mount, making it compatible with a wide range of industrial cameras. This ensures easy integration into existing machine vision systems.

With its superior image quality, low distortion, coaxial lighting capability, and C-Mount compatibility, the Computar TEC-M05110MPC telecentric lens is a versatile and powerful tool for a wide range of machine vision and industrial imaging applications.


  • High-resolution images with minimal distortion for precise measurements
  • 0.5x magnification ideal for capturing larger objects on the sensor
  • Coaxial lighting capability for even illumination across the field of view
  • C-Mount compatibility ensures easy integration with industrial cameras
  • 111.8mm working distance provides flexibility in system design


  • Industrial inspection systems
  • Object dimensioning and identification
  • Robotics and automation applications
  • Quality control and defect detection
  • Electronics and semiconductor manufacturing
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