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Computar TEC-M0565MPC 2MP, 2/3" 65.5mm, Telecentric Lens, 0.5x magnification (C Mount) w/ coaxial

Computar TEC-M0565MPC 2MP, 2/3" 65.5mm, Telecentric Lens, 0.5x magnification (C Mount) w/ coaxial


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Computar TEC-M0565MPC: High-Precision Telecentric Lens for Superior Machine Vision

Product Spec Sheet

The Computar TEC-M0565MPC is a 2MP, 0.5x magnification telecentric lens designed to deliver exceptional image quality in machine vision applications. This C-Mount lens utilizes a telecentric design to minimize geometric distortion, ensuring accurate measurements and superior image processing throughout the entire field of view. Additionally, the TEC-M0565MPC features coaxial lighting capability, which allows for uniform illumination of objects at the working distance without casting shadows.

This lens is ideal for a wide range of industrial and machine vision applications, including object inspection, dimensional measurement, defect detection, part recognition, quality control, barcode reading, robot guidance, and assembly line monitoring. The 2MP resolution and 0.5x magnification provide a good balance between capturing detail and maintaining a wide field of view. Furthermore, the 65mm working distance offers ample space to accommodate various object sizes and conveyor belt setups.

The Computar TEC-M0565MPC is compatible with 2/3" image sensors and utilizes a C-Mount connection for easy integration into existing machine vision systems. By incorporating this high-precision telecentric lens, users can achieve improved image clarity, minimize measurement errors, and optimize their machine vision inspection tasks.


  • 2MP resolution
  • 0.5x magnification
  • C-Mount lens
  • Telecentric design for minimal distortion
  • Coaxial lighting capability
  • Compatible with 2/3" image sensors
  • 65mm working distance


  • Object inspection
  • Dimensional measurement
  • Defect detection
  • Part recognition
  • Quality control
  • Barcode reading
  • Robot guidance
  • Assembly line monitoring
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