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Computar TEC-M15110MP 2MP, 2/3" 110.7mm, Telecentric Lens, 1.5x magnification (C Mount)

Computar TEC-M15110MP 2MP, 2/3" 110.7mm, Telecentric Lens, 1.5x magnification (C Mount)


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Unmatched Precision: Computar TEC-M15110MP Telecentric Lens for Machine Vision

Product Spec Sheet

Elevate your machine vision system's performance with the Computar TEC-M15110MP telecentric lens. This high-precision lens is specifically designed for industrial and machine vision applications, delivering exceptional image quality and minimal distortion.

The Computar TEC-M15110MP features a 2MP resolution and a 110mm focal length, ideal for capturing clear, detailed images of objects at a fixed working distance of 110.7mm. The 1.5x magnification allows you to zoom in on specific regions of interest for magnified inspection.

One of the key features of the TEC-M15110MP is its telecentric design. Unlike traditional lenses, telecentric lenses minimize perspective errors by placing the entrance pupil at infinity. This results in superior image accuracy and significantly reduced distortion, even at the edges of the field of view. This makes the TEC-M15110MP perfect for tasks like object measurement, defect detection, and robotic guidance, where precise dimensional accuracy is critical.

The compact C-Mount design of the TEC-M15110MP ensures easy integration with a wide range of industrial cameras. Additionally, the lens features a fixed iris, making it ideal for controlled lighting environments commonly found in machine vision setups.

For any machine vision application requiring exceptional image quality, minimal distortion, and reliable performance, the Computar TEC-M15110MP telecentric lens is an outstanding choice. Upgrade your machine vision system today and experience the difference precision imaging can make!


  • 2MP resolution
  • 110mm focal length
  • 1.5x magnification
  • C-Mount lens
  • Telecentric design for low distortion
  • Ideal for industrial and machine vision applications


  • Object measurement and identification
  • Defect detection
  • Assembly line inspection
  • Robotics guidance
  • Quality control
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