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Computar TEC-M20110MP 2MP, 2/3" 110.9mm, Telecentric Lens, 2x magnification (C Mount)

Computar TEC-M20110MP 2MP, 2/3" 110.9mm, Telecentric Lens, 2x magnification (C Mount)


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Uncompromising Image Clarity: Computar TEC-M20110MP Telecentric Lens for Machine Vision

Product Spec Sheet

The Computar TEC-M20110MP is a 2MP telecentric lens designed for applications in machine vision and industrial imaging. This high-quality lens features a 2/3" sensor size and a 110.9mm working distance. With a 2x magnification, the TEC-M20110MP provides a clear, close-up view of your target object.

One of the key features of the TEC-M20110MP lens is its telecentric design. Unlike standard lenses, telecentric lenses minimize distortion caused by object tilt or variations in working distance. This ensures that the size and shape of your object are accurately represented in the image, which is crucial for many machine vision tasks.

The Computar TEC-M20110MP uses a C-Mount lens connection, making it compatible with a wide range of machine vision cameras. This lens is ideal for applications such as object inspection, dimensional measurement, part identification, robotics guidance, machine control, and quality assurance.


  • 2MP resolution
  • 2/3" sensor size
  • 110.9mm working distance
  • 2x magnification
  • C-Mount lens
  • Telecentric design for minimal distortion


  • Object inspection
  • Dimensional measurement
  • Part identification
  • Robotics guidance
  • Machine control
  • Quality assurance
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