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Computar TEC-M55MPW 5MP, 2/3" 55mm Telecentric Lens (C Mount)

Computar TEC-M55MPW 5MP, 2/3" 55mm Telecentric Lens (C Mount)


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Enhanced Vision with Computar TEC-M55MPW Telecentric Lens

Product Spec Sheet

Computar's TEC-M55MPW Telecentric Lens offers unparalleled precision and clarity for industrial machine vision applications. Designed with quality optics, this lens ensures high-resolution imaging with minimal geometrical distortion, providing accurate and reliable results.

The compact body design makes it versatile and easy to integrate into various setups, while its compatibility with 5MP sensors ensures exceptional image quality. With an optical magnification range of 0.057x to 0.5x, it offers flexibility for different magnification requirements, catering to a wide range of applications.

One of the standout features of this lens is its relative illuminance, which exceeds 80%, ensuring bright and clear images even in challenging lighting conditions. Additionally, its low distortion level, less than 1%, guarantees precise imaging across the entire field of view.

Ideal for tasks such as manufacturing inspection, robotics guidance systems, and quality control, the Computar TEC-M55MPW Telecentric Lens empowers professionals to achieve superior results in their vision systems. Upgrade your machine vision capabilities today with Computar's advanced telecentric lens technology.


  • 2MP resolution
  • 2/3" format compatibility
  • 4x magnification
  • Telecentric design
  • Coaxial lighting capability
  • 65.3mm working distance
  • Low TV distortion correction


  • Manufacturing inspection
  • Robotics guidance systems
  • Quality control
  • Dimensional measurement
  • Surface defect detection
  • Semiconductor inspection
  • Automotive part inspection
  • Electronics assembly
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