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Computar VG2518KC-MPYIR-V31 1.1" 25mm f1.8, 12MP, P iris, IR Corrected, C-Mount Lens

Computar VG2518KC-MPYIR-V31 1.1" 25mm f1.8, 12MP, P iris, IR Corrected, C-Mount Lens


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Experience Unmatched Precision with Computar VG2518KC-MPYIR-V31 Lens

Designed for the most demanding industrial and machine vision applications, the Computar VG2518KC-MPYIR-V31 lens delivers unparalleled performance and precision. With a focal length of 25mm and a wide aperture of f1.8, this lens captures sharp, high-resolution images with exceptional clarity, even in challenging lighting conditions. The advanced P-Iris technology ensures precise control over aperture settings, allowing for optimal light transmission and depth of field.

Crafted with IR correction and ultra-low distortion, this C-mount lens is ideal for use with high-resolution 12MP cameras, offering unmatched image quality and accuracy. Its lightweight yet robust design ensures durability and vibration resistance, making it suitable for even the most rugged industrial environments.

Featuring a compact form factor and versatile connectivity options, including the smallest 1.1” format lens for > 10MP lenses in the industry, the Computar VG2518KC-MPYIR-V31 lens is the perfect choice for a wide range of machine vision and security applications. Whether inspecting manufacturing processes, monitoring production lines, or enhancing security systems, this lens provides the precision and reliability needed to optimize performance and drive efficiency.


  • 25mm Fixed Lens
  • 12 Megapixel Resolution
  • P-Iris Technology
  • IR Corrected with Low Distortion
  • C Mount
  • Wide Aperture of f1.8
  • Lightweight and Vibration Resistant


  • Industrial inspection
  • Manufacturing quality control
  • Robotics and automation
  • Surveillance and security systems
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