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Computar VL6Z1626UC-MPYIR 1.1”, 16-96mm, f2.6, 12MP, LensConnect, C-mount Lens

Computar VL6Z1626UC-MPYIR 1.1”, 16-96mm, f2.6, 12MP, LensConnect, C-mount Lens


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Unlock Precision with Computar VL6Z1626UC-MPYIR LensConnect Series

Product Spec Sheet

The Computar VL6Z1626UC-MPYIR lens stands at the forefront of machine vision optics, offering unparalleled precision and versatility for industrial and security applications. Featuring a powerful 12MP, 1.1” lens format, and a focal length range of 16-96mm with a fast f2.6 aperture, it ensures exceptional image quality and clarity across a variety of scenarios.

What sets this lens apart is its innovative LensConnect technology, which allows seamless integration and control via USB connection. This Plug and Play functionality enables remote adjustment of zoom, focus, and iris settings, providing unmatched convenience and flexibility in system configuration. With compatibility with Windows or Linux, setup is quick and hassle-free, even for users with limited technical expertise.

Designed for large format sensors such as the IMX183, the VL6Z1626UC-MPYIR lens delivers outstanding performance in capturing fine details and maintaining image integrity, making it ideal for critical surveillance and monitoring tasks. Its P-Iris feature ensures precise control over aperture settings, optimizing image quality in varying lighting conditions.

Moreover, the lens's floating focus design ensures ultra-high resolution from near to far, while stepper motors enable precise focus control and high repeatability, guaranteeing reliable operation in demanding environments.


  • 12MP resolution
  • Suitable for large format sensors (IMX183)
  • 1.1” format
  • 16-96mm remote zoom, f2.6 aperture
  • P-Iris with remote adjustment
  • Power supply & control through USB
  • Floating focus design achieves ultra-high resolution from near to far.
  • Stepper motors realize precise focus control and high repeatability


  • Industrial inspection
  • Security systems
  • Surveillance
  • Quality control
  • Automation
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