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Computar VM0810 Filter holder for V0828-MPY (M67 P=0.75)

Computar VM0810 Filter holder for V0828-MPY (M67 P=0.75)


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Unveiling the Computar VM0810 Filter Holder for V0828-MPY (M67 P=0.75)

Product Spec Sheet

The Computar VM0810 Filter Holder for V0828-MPY (M67 P=0.75) is a cutting-edge accessory designed to augment your security system's capabilities. Crafted with precision optics technology, this filter holder seamlessly integrates with the V0828-MPY lens, optimizing image processing and enhancing system performance. Engineered for industrial and machine vision applications, it ensures unparalleled accuracy and reliability in demanding environments.

Featuring a filter thread specifically tailored for the V0828-MPY with a 1" sensor, this holder enables effortless installation and secure attachment. Its robust construction guarantees long-lasting durability, making it ideal for continuous operation in critical surveillance setups. Whether deployed in manufacturing plants, warehouses, or outdoor facilities, this accessory delivers unmatched clarity and detail, empowering your security infrastructure with enhanced detection and monitoring capabilities.

Upgrade your security system with the Computar VM0810 Filter Holder for V0828-MPY. Enhance image processing and precision in industrial and machine vision applications. Invest in seamless integration for optimal performance.


  • Precision optics technology
  • Designed for V0828-MPY with 1" sensor
  • Easy installation with filter thread
  • Durable construction for continuous operation


  • Manufacturing plants
  • Warehouses
  • Outdoor facilities
  • Surveillance systems
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