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Computar VM400 Extension Tube (5mm)

Computar VM400 Extension Tube (5mm)


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Unleash Precision with Computar VM400 Extension Tube (5mm)

Product Spec Sheet

Unleash Precision with Computar VM400 Extension Tube (5mm). This innovative 5mm adapter ring serves as a crucial link between your camera and lens, converting a C-Mount lens to a CS-Mount camera effortlessly. Crafted with precision in mind, this extension tube ensures optimal alignment and minimal distortion, guaranteeing exceptional image quality in industrial and machine vision applications.

The extension tube utilizes robust connections to securely attach your lens to the camera, providing stability even in demanding environments. Its versatility makes it an indispensable tool for various machine vision tasks, including quality control, robotic guidance, and automated inspection systems. By enabling compatibility between different lens and camera configurations, it offers flexibility and convenience in your imaging setup.


  • Converts C-Mount lens to CS-Mount camera
  • Precision-crafted extension tube
  • Minimal distortion for exceptional image quality
  • Robust connections for stability
  • Versatile compatibility with various setups


  • Quality control
  • Robotic guidance
  • Automated inspection systems
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