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Computar ZM0810 Filter Holder for V0826-MPZ (M82 P=0.75)

Computar ZM0810 Filter Holder for V0826-MPZ (M82 P=0.75)


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Unlock Enhanced Vision with Computar ZM0810 Filter Holder

Product Spec Sheet

The Computar ZM0810 Filter Holder for V0826-MPZ (M82 P=0.75) is an indispensable component for optimizing imaging systems in industrial and machine vision applications. Crafted with precision in lens optics, this filter holder seamlessly integrates with the V0826-MPZ lens, offering impeccable compatibility and reliability.

Designed to accommodate M82 P=0.75 threads, this filter holder ensures a secure connection, minimizing the risk of vibrations or disruptions during operation. Its robust construction guarantees long-term durability, even in demanding environments. By effectively holding filters in place, it facilitates the implementation of various optical filters, allowing users to customize their imaging setups according to specific requirements.

This versatile accessory finds its applications across a spectrum of industrial and machine vision scenarios. Whether it's quality inspection, automated manufacturing, or surveillance systems, the Computar ZM0810 Filter Holder empowers users to achieve unparalleled precision and clarity in their imaging processes. Elevate your machine vision technology with this essential component and unlock new possibilities in visual inspection and analysis.


  • Precision-crafted for seamless integration
  • Compatible with V0826-MPZ lens
  • Robust construction for durability
  • Accommodates M82 P=0.75 threads
  • Facilitates easy installation of optical filters


  • Quality inspection
  • Automated manufacturing
  • Surveillance systems
  • Object recognition
  • Optical character recognition (OCR)
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