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Fujinon CF12ZA-1S | 1.1" 12mm C-Mount Manual Iris Lens

Fujinon CF12ZA-1S | 1.1" 12mm C-Mount Manual Iris Lens


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The Fujinon CF12ZA-1S: Precision in Machine Vision

Product Spec Sheet

The Fujinon CF12ZA-1S embodies precision engineering tailored for machine vision and industrial applications. With its manual iris functionality, this lens provides unparalleled control over light intake, ensuring optimal image quality in diverse settings. It boasts high-resolution performance, maintaining uniform clarity from the image center to the periphery, crucial for intricate inspections and detailed analysis.

Designed to support large sensors, including the 1.1" type with a 2.5µm pixel pitch equivalent to 23 megapixels, the CF12ZA-1S maximizes the capabilities of modern cameras. Its compact design, with an outer diameter of just φ39mm, saves valuable space while delivering exceptional optical performance.

Built to withstand harsh conditions, this lens features impact and vibration resistance, guaranteeing reliable operation even in demanding environments. The internal mechanical focus ensures stability, with the overall length remaining unchanged during focusing.

Ideal for industrial inspection, robotics, 3D scanning, and machine vision systems, the Fujinon CF12ZA-1S sets a new standard for precision optics. Invest in superior image clarity and reliability for your vision applications today.


  • Manual iris for precise control
  • High-resolution performance
  • Supports large sensors
  • Impact and vibration resistant
  • Compact design for space-saving
  • Internal mechanical focus for reliability


  • Industrial inspection
  • Robotics
  • 3D scanning
  • Machine vision systems
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