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Fujinon CF16ZA-1S | 1.1" 16mm C-Mount Manual Iris 23 Megapixel Rated Lens

Fujinon CF16ZA-1S | 1.1" 16mm C-Mount Manual Iris 23 Megapixel Rated Lens


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Unleashing Vision Precision: Fujinon CF16ZA-1S 16mm C-Mount Manual Iris Lens

Product Spec Sheet

Fujinon is at the forefront of machine vision lens technology, exemplified by the CF-ZA-1S Series and its flagship product, the Fujinon CF16ZA-1S 16mm C-Mount Manual Iris Lens. Engineered with precision and innovation, these lenses redefine imaging standards in industrial and machine vision applications. The CF16ZA-1S supports large high-resolution sensors, including 1.2" and 1.1" types, maximizing camera performance and image clarity. Its "4D High Resolution" feature ensures uniform image resolution from the center to the periphery, overcoming challenges posed by shooting distance or aperture adjustments.

Designed with Fujifilm's proprietary technology, these lenses achieve a relative illumination exceeding 90%, guaranteeing clear and bright images across diverse settings. Moreover, the CF16ZA-1S series boasts unparalleled durability, featuring vibration and impact resistance essential for reliable performance in demanding industrial environments. With a compact design and innovative mechanical structure, these lenses offer convenience without compromising on quality.

Experience the difference with Fujinon CF16ZA-1S lenses, where precision meets reliability, setting new standards in industrial imaging. Elevate your machine vision capabilities and unlock a world of clarity and precision with Fujinon CF16ZA-1S lenses.


  • Supports large high-resolution sensors
  • "4D High Resolution" for uniform image clarity
  • Relative illumination exceeding 90%
  • Vibration and impact resistance
  • Compact design with innovative mechanical structure


  • Machine Vision Systems
  • Industrial Imaging
  • Robotics
  • Quality Control
  • 3D Scanning
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