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Fujinon FE185C086HA-1 | 1" 2.7mm 5MP Lens

Fujinon FE185C086HA-1 | 1" 2.7mm 5MP Lens


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Discover the Fujinon FE185C086HA-1 1" 2.7mm 5MP Lens

Product Spec Sheet

Fujinon is renowned for its precision-crafted lenses tailored for industrial and machine vision applications. The FE185 Series exemplifies this expertise, boasting super wide-angle lenses with a remarkable 185° field of view, ideal for capturing expansive scenes with exceptional clarity. With compatibility for 5-megapixel high-resolution sensors, these lenses ensure sharp and detailed imagery crucial for accurate analysis in industrial settings.

The FE185C086HA-1, specifically designed for 1" cameras, offers a pixel pitch of 5μm, ensuring high-resolution imaging. Its robust metal mount with a C-mount design ensures durability and precise alignment, while the manual iris and locking screws provide further control and stability. Whether inspecting production lines, monitoring facilities, or conducting quality control, Fujinon lenses deliver unmatched performance and reliability.

Discover Fujinon's FE185C086HA-1 1" 2.7mm 5MP Lens - perfect for machine vision & industrial applications. Wide-angle, high-res, durable. Buy now!


  • Super wide-angle lens with a 185° field of view
  • High resolution compatible with 5MP sensors
  • Metal mount with high durability and accuracy
  • Manual iris for precise control
  • Locking screws for stability and security


  • Quality control inspection
  • Production line monitoring
  • Facility surveillance
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