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Fujinon HF12XA-5M | 2/3" 12mm F1.6-F16 Manual Lens

Fujinon HF12XA-5M | 2/3" 12mm F1.6-F16 Manual Lens


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Experience Enhanced Imaging with Fujinon HF12XA-5M Lens

Product Spec Sheet

FUJINON, a trusted name in the machine vision and industrial lens industry, presents the HF12XA-5M lens from its HF-XA-5M Series. This manual lens is meticulously designed for optimal performance in industrial and machine vision applications. With a compatibility range of 2/3" to 1.1" image sensors, including large image sensor cameras, it ensures versatility across various imaging setups.

One of its standout features is the "4D High Resolution" capability, minimizing resolution degradation even with changes in shooting distance or aperture settings. Unlike conventional lenses, the HF12XA-5M maintains consistent image sharpness from center to edges, delivering unparalleled image quality in diverse installation conditions.

Moreover, its anti-shock and vibration-resistant design, patented and pending, ensures stable imaging performance in challenging environments. The compact design further enhances its suitability for small machine vision cameras, offering a blend of high resolution and space efficiency.

This lens also boasts selectable locking holes for iris and focus adjustments, providing flexibility and ease of use for different imaging requirements. Whether it's for quality control, inspection, or surveillance, the FUJINON HF12XA-5M lens promises exceptional image clarity and reliability, empowering businesses to achieve superior results in their machine vision endeavors.

Enhance industrial imaging with Fujinon HF12XA-5M lens. High resolution, anti-shock, compact design for optimal machine vision applications.


  • "4D High Resolution" capability
  • Anti-shock and vibration-resistant design
  • Compact design
  • Manual lens with selectable locking holes
  • Compatible with 2/3" to 1.1" image sensors


  • Quality control
  • Inspection
  • Surveillance
  • Robotics
  • Automation systems
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