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Fujinon HF1618-12M | 2/3" 16mm F1.8-F24 Manual Lens

Fujinon HF1618-12M | 2/3" 16mm F1.8-F24 Manual Lens


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Unveiling Fujinon HF1618-12M 2/3" 16mm F1.8-F24 Manual Lens

Product Spec Sheet

Discover the pinnacle of imaging excellence with the Fujinon HF1618-12M series lenses, meticulously engineered for machine vision and industrial applications. These lenses stand as the epitome of innovation, boasting a remarkable resolution of 12 megapixels and a pixel pitch of 2.1μm. Unlike conventional lenses, the HF1618-12M series ensures minimal distortion, providing consistently clear images across various shooting conditions.

Featuring a unique anti-shock and vibration design, these lenses guarantee stability in diverse installation environments, mitigating the impact of external factors on image quality. The incorporation of high-precision aspherical glass molded lenses not only reduces distortion but also facilitates a compact design, enabling seamless integration into space-constrained manufacturing facilities.

With a diameter of only 33mm, these lenses offer unparalleled installation flexibility without compromising on performance. The inclusion of three locking holes for both iris and focus adjustments further enhances user convenience, allowing for precise customization according to specific requirements.


  • High resolution 2/3" manual lens
  • Anti-shock & vibration design
  • Low distortion with aspherical glass molded lens
  • Compact design for easy installation
  • Three locking holes for iris and focus adjustments


  • Automated inspection systems
  • Robotics and automation
  • Quality control in manufacturing
  • Surface inspection and defect detection
  • Packaging and labeling verification
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