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Fujinon HF35XA-5M | 2/3" 35mm F1.9-F16 Manual Lens

Fujinon HF35XA-5M | 2/3" 35mm F1.9-F16 Manual Lens


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Fujinon HF35XA-5M: Revolutionizing Industrial Vision

Product Spec Sheet

Fujinon's HF-XA-5M series stands at the forefront of industrial and machine vision lens technology, offering a transformative approach to precision imaging. Engineered with meticulous attention to detail, these lenses redefine industry standards with their exceptional quality and performance.

At the heart of the HF-XA-5M series lies the innovative 4D High Resolution technology, setting a new benchmark for image clarity and sharpness. This groundbreaking feature ensures minimal degradation of resolution, even when adjusting shooting distance or aperture settings. As a result, users can consistently achieve unparalleled image sharpness from the center to the edges, crucial for applications requiring meticulous detail and accuracy.

Moreover, Fujinon lenses boast an anti-shock and vibration-resistant design, providing robust performance in diverse installation environments. This unique mechanical design, equipped with patented technology, mitigates the effects of shocks and vibrations, ensuring stable imaging under challenging conditions.

Despite their high-resolution capabilities, the HF-XA-5M series maintains a compact form factor, making them ideal for use with small machine vision cameras. With selectable locking holes for iris and focus adjustments, users can customize the lenses to suit their specific requirements, enhancing flexibility and ease of use.

From industrial automation and quality inspection to robotics guidance and security systems, Fujinon HF-XA-5M lenses empower users with unmatched precision and reliability. Experience the future of industrial vision with Fujinon, where innovation meets excellence.


  • 4D High Resolution technology
  • Anti-shock & vibration-resistant design
  • Compact build for small camera setups
  • Selectable locking holes for customization


  • Industrial automation
  • Quality inspection
  • Robotics guidance
  • Security systems
  • Machine vision integration
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