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Kowa LM1121TC 2/3" 1.725~2.2x Telecentric Lens

Kowa LM1121TC 2/3" 1.725~2.2x Telecentric Lens


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Explore the Precision of Kowa LM1121TC Telecentric Lens

Product Spec Sheet

In the realm of machine vision and industrial applications, Kowa stands as a beacon of precision and reliability. The Kowa LM1121TC 2/3" Telecentric Lens epitomizes these qualities, offering exceptional performance tailored to the demands of modern automation. With a focal length range of 1.725x to 2.2x, this lens ensures remarkable magnification without sacrificing image quality. Its C-mount design facilitates seamless integration into various setups, while manual iris and focus controls provide precise adjustments to suit specific requirements. Boasting low TV distortion and a resolution of 120 lp/mm across the frame, it delivers unparalleled clarity crucial for accurate inspections and measurements.

This telecentric lens finds its niche in diverse industrial and machine vision applications. From semiconductor inspection to quality control in automotive manufacturing, its versatility shines through. It excels in tasks demanding meticulous precision, such as PCB assembly verification and surface defect detection. The lens's ability to maintain consistent magnification and minimal distortion, even at the periphery, ensures reliable results across the field of view. Engineers and researchers seeking optimal imaging solutions can rely on the Kowa LM1121TC to enhance their processes and drive efficiency. Elevate your industrial imaging capabilities with Kowa's telecentric excellence.


  • High-resolution imaging (120 lp/mm)
  • Low TV distortion (0.004%)
  • Wide focal length range (1.725x to 2.2x)
  • Manual iris and focus controls for precision adjustments
  • C-mount compatibility for easy integration


  • Semiconductor inspection
  • PCB assembly verification
  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Surface defect detection
  • Quality control in industrial processes
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