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Kowa LM1122TC 2/3" 1.15~1.47x 5MP Telecentric Lens

Kowa LM1122TC 2/3" 1.15~1.47x 5MP Telecentric Lens


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Discover Kowa LM1122TC Telecentric Lens for Precision Imaging

Product Spec Sheet

Kowa is renowned for its cutting-edge machine vision lenses, catering specifically to industrial and automation needs. The Kowa LM1122TC Telecentric Lens offers unparalleled precision with its low TV distortion and 1.15-1.47x magnification, ensuring high-resolution imaging. Crafted for 2/3" sensors and equipped with manual iris and focus control, this lens guarantees optimal performance in diverse industrial environments. Its telecentric design minimizes perspective error, making it ideal for tasks requiring accurate dimensional measurements.

With a wide wavelength range covering VIS spectrum, it adapts seamlessly to various lighting conditions. Whether inspecting small components or monitoring production lines, Kowa lenses excel in delivering sharp, distortion-free images, empowering businesses with reliable quality control. Upgrade your machine vision system with Kowa LM1122TC for unmatched precision and efficiency.


  • Telecentric lens design
  • Low TV distortion
  • Manual iris and focus control
  • High resolution imaging
  • Compatible with 5MP sensors
  • Wide wavelength range (VIS)


  • Industrial inspection
  • Dimensional measurement
  • Quality control
  • Manufacturing automation
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