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Kowa LM16HC-VIS-SW 1" 12 Megapixel IR-Corrected (VIS-SWIR) 3.1μm Lens

Kowa LM16HC-VIS-SW 1" 12 Megapixel IR-Corrected (VIS-SWIR) 3.1μm Lens


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High-Performance Kowa LM16HC-VIS-SW 1" 12 Megapixel IR-Corrected Lens

Product Spec Sheet

The Kowa LM16HC-VIS-SW 1" 12 Megapixel IR-Corrected (VIS-SWIR) lens represents a pinnacle in machine vision and industrial imaging technology. Engineered with precision and innovation, this lens is tailored to meet the demanding requirements of modern industrial applications. With its robust construction and water and dust-resistant design, it thrives in challenging environments, ensuring consistent performance in any situation.

One of the standout features of this lens is its advanced IR-correction capability. Unlike conventional lenses, the Kowa LM16HC-VIS-SW maintains sharp focus even when wavelengths shift between visible and infrared spectra. This eliminates the need for manual adjustments, streamlining imaging processes and increasing efficiency. Additionally, the lens incorporates ultra-wideband multi-coatings that optimize light transmission, resulting in crisp, clear images with minimal distortion.

Furthermore, the integration of special extra-low dispersion (XD) glass significantly reduces chromatic aberration, ensuring accurate color reproduction and minimizing artifacts. This makes the Kowa LM16HC-VIS-SW ideal for applications where precision and reliability are paramount, such as automated inspection systems, robotics guidance, and quality control in manufacturing.

In summary, the Kowa LM16HC-VIS-SW 1" 12 Megapixel IR-Corrected lens offers unparalleled performance and versatility in industrial imaging. With its cutting-edge features and durable construction, it empowers businesses to achieve new levels of efficiency and accuracy in their machine vision applications.


  • IR-Corrected design for maintaining focus across various wavelengths
  • Water and dust-resistant construction for durability in harsh environments
  • Ultra-wideband multi-coatings for enhanced light transmission
  • Special extra-low dispersion (XD) glass to reduce chromatic aberration


  • Automated inspection systems
  • Robotics guidance
  • Quality control in manufacturing
  • Surveillance and security systems
  • Medical imaging
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