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Kowa LM35JCM 35mm 2/3" Megapixel Lens

Kowa LM35JCM 35mm 2/3" Megapixel Lens


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Discover the Kowa LM35JCM 35mm 2/3" Megapixel Lens

Product Spec Sheet

Experience unparalleled clarity and precision with the Kowa LM35JCM 35mm 2/3" Megapixel Lens, designed for the most demanding industrial and machine vision applications. With Kowa's innovative floating mechanism design, this lens series virtually eliminates optical aberrations from close distances to infinity, ensuring consistently sharp and accurate imaging. The high resolution capability of these lenses allows for the creation of crisp, clear images even at long distances, empowering your machine vision systems to capture every detail with exceptional clarity.

Featuring an incredibly close minimum object distance and low distortion, the Kowa LM35JCM lens series excels in reproducing the environment with remarkable accuracy. Its compact design further enhances versatility, fitting seamlessly into various industrial setups while maintaining superior performance. Whether you're inspecting intricate components, monitoring production lines, or conducting quality control, these lenses deliver unmatched quality and reliability.

Summary with Call to Action: Unlock precision and clarity with the Kowa LM35JCM 35mm 2/3" Megapixel Lens. Perfect for industrial machine vision. Elevate your vision today!


  • Floating Mechanism Design
  • High Resolution
  • Excellent Corner Brightness
  • Low Distortion
  • Close Minimum Object Distance
  • Compact Design


  • Quality control inspection
  • Component analysis
  • Production line monitoring
  • Automated assembly
  • Robotics vision systems
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