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Kowa LM50HC-VIS-SW 1" 12 Megapixel IR-Corrected (VIS-SWIR) 3.1μm Lens

Kowa LM50HC-VIS-SW 1" 12 Megapixel IR-Corrected (VIS-SWIR) 3.1μm Lens


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High-Performance IR-Corrected Lens for Security Systems

Product Spec Sheet

Empower your security systems with the Kowa LM50HC-VIS-SW 1" 12 Megapixel IR-Corrected (VIS-SWIR) lens, meticulously designed for industrial and machine vision applications. This C-Mount lens boasts exceptional performance with its high transmission and IR-correction capability. By incorporating extra low dispersion (XD) glass and precise alignment of internal lens elements, chromatic aberrations are significantly reduced, ensuring crisp and clear images across the spectrum.

One standout feature of the LM50HC-VIS-SW series is its virtually zero focus shift from visible to the 2000nm wavelength range, providing consistent focus regardless of wavelength fluctuations. Additionally, ultra-wideband multi-coatings further enhance transmission, allowing for optimal image quality in various lighting conditions.

The Kowa LM50HC-VIS-SW lens is ideal for a myriad of industrial and machine vision applications, including quality control, robotics, surveillance, and inspection systems. Its durability, water and dust-resistant design make it suitable for harsh environments, ensuring reliable performance in demanding conditions.


  • 1" C-Mount lens
  • 12 Megapixel resolution
  • IR-Corrected for VIS-SWIR spectrum
  • XD glass for chromatic aberration reduction
  • Virtually zero focus shift
  • Water and dust-resistant design


  • Quality control
  • Robotics
  • Surveillance
  • Inspection systems
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