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Kowa LM60HC-IR 1" 5MP Lenses Compatible With Sony IMX174, CMOSIS CMV4000 and Sony IMX249 sensors and many more

Kowa LM60HC-IR 1" 5MP Lenses Compatible With Sony IMX174, CMOSIS CMV4000 and Sony IMX249 sensors and many more


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Enhance Your Vision with Kowa LM60HC-IR 1" 5MP Lenses

Product Spec Sheet

In the realm of machine vision and industrial applications, precision and clarity are paramount. This is where Kowa LM60HC-IR lenses excel, offering a sophisticated solution for capturing high-resolution images with exceptional accuracy. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these lenses are meticulously designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern industrial environments.

The Kowa LM60HC-IR lenses boast compatibility with a range of cutting-edge sensors, including the renowned Sony IMX174, CMOSIS CMV4000, and Sony IMX249, ensuring seamless integration into existing systems. Their IR correction feature ensures optimal performance in both day and night conditions, providing unparalleled versatility for round-the-clock operations.

With manual iris control, users have precise command over the lens aperture, allowing for fine-tuning to suit specific lighting conditions and imaging requirements. This level of control is essential for achieving optimal image quality and maximizing the effectiveness of machine vision systems.

Whether utilized in industrial automation, traffic monitoring, or surveillance systems, Kowa LM60HC-IR lenses deliver outstanding performance and reliability. From quality control processes on manufacturing lines to the precision guidance of robotic systems, these lenses empower businesses to optimize their operations and drive efficiency.

Experience the difference that Kowa LM60HC-IR lenses can make in your machine vision applications. Elevate your vision and unlock new possibilities with these exceptional lenses.


  • Compatible with Sony IMX174, CMOSIS CMV4000, and Sony IMX249 sensors
  • IR corrected for day & night vision
  • Manual iris control for precise adjustments
  • High resolution: 5MP lenses
  • Durable construction with C-mount design


  • Industrial automation
  • Traffic monitoring and control
  • Quality control in manufacturing
  • Surveillance and security systems
  • Robotics and machine guidance
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