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Kowa LM8XC 4/3" 8.5mm 20MP C-Mount Lens Compatible With Sony IMX387, Sony IMX540 sensors and many more

Kowa LM8XC 4/3" 8.5mm 20MP C-Mount Lens Compatible With Sony IMX387, Sony IMX540 sensors and many more


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Unlocking Precision: Kowa LM8XC 4/3" 8.5mm 20MP C-Mount Lens

Product Spec Sheet

In the realm of industrial and machine vision applications, where precision and clarity are paramount, Kowa's LM8XC lens stands out as a beacon of excellence. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this 4/3" 20-megapixel C-mount lens offers unparalleled performance, making it the ideal choice for demanding imaging tasks.

With a focal length of 8.5mm and compatibility with sensors such as the Sony IMX387 and IMX540, this lens delivers exceptional image quality, even in the most challenging environments. Its manual iris control allows for precise adjustments, ensuring optimal image capture under varying lighting conditions.

Equipped with broad band coating, this lens enhances light transmission across the visible spectrum, resulting in vivid and detailed images. The precision optics of the LM8XC lens minimize distortion (-0.12%) and maximize resolution, providing unmatched clarity from edge to edge.

Compact yet robust, the Kowa LM8XC lens is designed to withstand the rigors of industrial environments, offering reliability and longevity. Whether it's automated inspection systems, quality control in manufacturing, robotics, or surveillance applications, this lens excels, empowering businesses to achieve new levels of efficiency and accuracy in their operations.

Upgrade your machine vision system with the Kowa LM8XC lens and unlock a world of precision imaging capabilities. Experience the difference in clarity and performance that only Kowa lenses can deliver.


  • 8.5mm focal length
  • Compatible with 4/3" sensors
  • 20MP resolution
  • Manual iris control
  • Broad band coating for enhanced imaging
  • Precision optics for clarity
  • Compact and lightweight design


  • Automated inspection systems
  • Quality control in manufacturing
  • Robotics and automation
  • Object recognition
  • Surveillance and security systems
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