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KT&C ACE-C320xUB 1/3.2” 1.3M CMOS Module Camera

KT&C ACE-C320xUB 1/3.2” 1.3M CMOS Module Camera


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Enhance Industrial Vision with KT&C ACE-C380xUB Module Camera

Product Spec Sheet

The KT&C ACE-C380xUB Module Camera is an essential tool for industrial and machine vision applications. Featuring a 1/3.2” 1.3M CMOS sensor and delivering crisp 800TV Lines resolution, this camera ensures precise image capture in demanding environments. Its CVBS(1.0Vp-p Composite 75Ω) connection enables seamless integration with existing systems, while the fixed lens (3.6mm) provides optimal viewing angles for various setups.

Equipped with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) and 2D Noise Reduction (2DNR) technologies, the ACE-C380xUB delivers clear, artifact-free images even in challenging lighting conditions. Its digital Day & Night functionality ensures reliable performance round the clock, making it suitable for continuous monitoring and surveillance applications.

With its rugged construction and versatile capabilities, the KT&C ACE-C380xUB excels in industrial inspection, quality control, and manufacturing automation tasks. Whether it's monitoring production lines, inspecting products for defects, or ensuring compliance with quality standards, this camera offers unparalleled performance and reliability. Upgrade your industrial vision systems today with the KT&C ACE-C380xUB Module Camera and unlock new possibilities in machine vision technology.


  • 1/3.2” 1.3M CMOS sensor
  • 800TV Lines resolution
  • CVBS(1.0Vp-p Composite 75Ω) connection
  • Fixed lens 3.6mm
  • WDR, 2DNR
  • Digital Day&Night


  • Industrial inspection
  • Quality control
  • Manufacturing automation
  • Surveillance
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