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Marshall Electronics CV503-WP All-Weather HD Miniature Camera (3G/HDSDI)

Marshall Electronics CV503-WP All-Weather HD Miniature Camera (3G/HDSDI)


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Unleash Crisp Outdoor Capture with Marshall's CV503-WP

Product Spec Sheet

The Marshall CV503-WP Weatherproof Miniature HD Camera is a powerhouse solution designed to excel in outdoor broadcast events and AV applications where weather conditions can be challenging. Crafted with precision engineering, this camera boasts a next-generation 2.5-Megapixel, 1/2.86-inch sensor, delivering unparalleled clarity and detail in every frame. Whether you're capturing fast-paced sporting events or dynamic live broadcasts, the CV503-WP ensures your footage is crisp and vibrant.

One of the standout features of the CV503-WP is its IP67-rated weatherproof housing, providing reliable protection against the elements. Rain or shine, you can count on this camera to perform flawlessly, making it an invaluable asset for outdoor productions. Additionally, the interchangeable M12 lens mount offers flexibility, allowing you to choose the perfect lens for your specific application.

With full-sized 3G/HD-SDI (BNC) output and remote adjustable settings via RS485 or OSD menu joystick, the CV503-WP puts you in complete control of your video capture. Fine-tune parameters such as white balance, exposure, and gamma to achieve the perfect shot every time. Plus, with a wide range of frame rates and resolution options, including 1920x1080p at 60fps and 1920x1080i at 60fps, this camera delivers stunning footage that meets the highest professional standards.

From live broadcast productions and sports coverage to concerts and corporate events, the Marshall CV503-WP is the ultimate choice for capturing high-quality video in challenging outdoor environments.


  • IP67-rated weatherproof housing
  • Interchangeable M12 lens mount
  • Full HD resolutions up to 1920x1080p at 60fps
  • Remote adjustable settings via RS485 or OSD menu joystick
  • Wide range of picture adjustment settings


  • Outdoor broadcast events
  • Live broadcast productions
  • Sportscasts
  • Newscasts
  • Reality television
  • Concerts
  • Corporate events
  • Government and military operations
  • House of worship services
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