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Marshall Electronics CV574 Miniature UHD Camera NDI|HX3 and HDMI

Marshall Electronics CV574 Miniature UHD Camera NDI|HX3 and HDMI


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Unleash Precision with the Marshall Electronics CV574 Miniature UHD Camera

Product Spec Sheet

The Marshall Electronics CV574 Miniature UHD Camera redefines precision in industrial and machine vision applications. Crafted around a cutting-edge Sony UHD sensor boasting over 8.46 million pixels, this camera ensures crystal-clear 4K (Ultra-HD) video output via HDMI and Ethernet IP interface, supporting the ultra-efficient NDI HX3 codec alongside SRT, HEVC, and more. Its durable aluminum alloy build, complete with rear I/O protection wings, guarantees resilience in demanding environments.

One of its standout features is the interchangeable M12 lenses, offering versatility across various POV environments. Whether you require close-up shots or wide-angle views, Marshall's selection of high-quality lenses ensures optimal focus and clarity. The CV574's exceptional low-light sensitivity ensures top-notch performance even in challenging lighting conditions, while its refined remote adjust capability allows for seamless adjustments over the network or via Visca over IP commands.

From AV over IP networks to cloud production setups, remote contributions, and HDMI workflows, the CV574 excels in diverse applications. Its broadcast-quality performance, combined with affordability and feature-rich design, makes it an invaluable tool for industry partners seeking reliability, durability, and flexibility in their machine vision and industrial camera solutions.


  • Sony UHD sensor with over 8.46 million pixels
  • 4K (Ultra-HD) video output via HDMI and Ethernet IP interface
  • Supports NDI HX3, SRT, HEVC codecs
  • Durable aluminum alloy build with rear I/O protection wings
  • Interchangeable M12 lenses for versatile POV environments
  • Exceptional low-light sensitivity
  • Remote adjust capability via Visca over IP commands
  • Suitable for AV over IP networks, cloud production, remote contributions, and HDMI workflows


  • Quality control and inspection
  • Robotics and automation
  • Product tracking and traceability
  • Surveillance and security monitoring
  • Remote monitoring of industrial processes
  • Medical imaging and diagnostics
  • Traffic monitoring and management
  • Agricultural monitoring and analysis
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