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Omron STC-HD853HDMI 4K HDMI Camera

Omron STC-HD853HDMI 4K HDMI Camera


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High-Definition 4K Imaging Solution for Industrial Applications

Product Spec Sheet

The Omron STC-HD853HDMI 4K HDMI Camera offers unparalleled imaging quality in a 16:9 format with 2160p resolution. Designed specifically for industrial and machine vision applications, this camera boasts advanced features to meet the demands of modern production environments.

Equipped with selectable 2160p or 1080p output, the camera ensures flexibility in capturing high-definition visuals. Its HDMI output facilitates seamless integration with existing systems, while the CMOS rolling shutter technology ensures smooth and accurate image capture.

The camera's C mount allows for versatile lens options, catering to various imaging requirements. With the option for On-Screen Character Display (OSCD) through a remote controller, users can easily configure numerous parameters using control software. Additionally, eight configurable digital signal processors (DSP) can be saved for quick access.

Ideal for machine vision, medical imaging, microscopy, and industrial inspection, the Omron STC-HD853HDMI camera eliminates the need for a computer, streamlining inspection processes. Its defective pixel correction feature ensures optimal image quality, making it a reliable tool for inspection systems across industries.


  • Selectable 2160p or 1080p output
  • HDMI output for seamless integration
  • CMOS rolling shutter technology
  • C mount for versatile lens options
  • On-Screen Character Display (OSCD) capability
  • Configurable parameters through control software
  • Eight configurable digital signal processors (DSP)
  • Defective pixel correction for optimal image quality


  • Machine vision systems
  • Medical imaging equipment
  • Microscopy applications
  • Industrial inspection processes
  • Broadcast imaging solutions
  • Inspection systems without the need for a computer
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