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Omron STC-HD213SDI-CS 1/2.8" 1080p Camera (CMOS Sensor: Sony IMX291)

Omron STC-HD213SDI-CS 1/2.8" 1080p Camera (CMOS Sensor: Sony IMX291)


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Omron STC-HD213SDI-CS 1080p Camera: High-Definition Industrial Vision Solution

Product Spec Sheet

The Omron STC-HD213SDI-CS is an advanced industrial camera designed for high-definition imaging in machine vision and industrial applications. Featuring a 1/2.8" CMOS sensor powered by Sony's IMX291 technology, it delivers exceptional clarity and detail, essential for precise inspection tasks. Its Full HD 1080p resolution ensures crisp and accurate image capture, providing reliable data for analysis and decision-making processes.

This camera offers seamless connectivity with direct-connect monitor viewing via 3G-SDI, enabling real-time monitoring and feedback in industrial environments. Its compact case size and low cost make it an attractive option for companies seeking high-quality imaging solutions without breaking the budget.

The Omron STC-HD213SDI-CS also features the capability to program 28 individual DSP profiles, allowing users to optimize image settings for various conditions. Additionally, it includes a programmable on-camera push-button for manual control, enhancing flexibility and ease of use in diverse applications.


  • 1/2.8" CMOS Sensor (SONY: IMX291)
  • Full HD 1080p Resolution
  • Direct-Connect Monitor Viewing via 3G-SDI
  • Low Cost & Compact Case Size
  • Programmable DSP Profiles
  • Manual Control Button


  • Machine Vision Systems
  • Industrial Imaging Processes
  • Surveillance and Security Systems
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