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RICOH FL-BC1220-9M 1" 9MP 12mm Manual Iris Lens

RICOH FL-BC1220-9M 1" 9MP 12mm Manual Iris Lens


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Unlocking Precision: RICOH FL-BC1220-9M Lens

Product Spec Sheet

RICOH, a trusted name in imaging, introduces the FL-BC1220-9M (FLBC12209M) 1" lens, meticulously crafted for high-resolution image capture. Engineered with precision, this manual iris lens offers unparalleled clarity and detail, ideal for industrial and machine vision applications demanding utmost precision.

With a resolution of 9MP and a focal length of 12mm, it ensures crisp imaging, even from the closest distances. Its versatile C-Mount design makes it compatible with various imaging systems, adding flexibility to your setup. From inspecting intricate electronic substrates to detecting surface defects on sheet metals, this lens excels in diverse applications. Elevate your imaging capabilities with the RICOH FL-BC1220-9M lens, your key to unlocking a new realm of precision and clarity.

Experience unrivaled precision with RICOH FL-BC1220-9M lens. Perfect for industrial and machine vision applications, its 9MP resolution and 12mm focal length ensure impeccable imaging. Upgrade now for unparalleled clarity and detail.


  • 9MP resolution
  • 12mm focal length
  • Manual iris control
  • C-Mount compatibility


  • Visual inspection of electronic substrates
  • Surface defect detection on sheet metals
  • Precision machining inspections
  • Verification of printed matter
  • Foreign substance inspections on various items
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