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RICOH FL-BC1618-9M 1" 9MP 16mm Manual Iris Lens

RICOH FL-BC1618-9M 1" 9MP 16mm Manual Iris Lens


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Unveiling the RICOH FL-BC1618-9M: Precision Imaging for Industrial Applications

Product Spec Sheet

The RICOH FL-BC1618-9M stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of industrial imaging. Crafted with meticulous precision and engineering prowess, this 9-megapixel lens with a manual iris and locking screws ensures unparalleled clarity and accuracy in every image captured. Its compact design, measuring Φ42mm, belies its powerful capabilities, offering high resolution and high contrast imaging ideal for demanding machine vision applications.

Featuring a floating mechanism in its focusing system, this lens guarantees optimal performance even at close range, with a minimum distance of just 80mm from the lens. Whether it's visual inspection of printed circuit boards, verifying type on printed matter, or inspecting the shape and surface of food and pharmaceuticals, the RICOH FL-BC1618-9M excels in various industrial scenarios. It's the go-to choice for confirming hairline cracks on sheet metals, checking for missing pixels on LCD monitors, and conducting foreign substance inspections on precision machined items and containers.

Experience unparalleled precision with the RICOH FL-BC1618-9M lens. Elevate your industrial imaging today!


  • High resolution and high contrast at 9 megapixels
  • Floating mechanism in its focusing system
  • Φ42mm compact design
  • Close range at only 80mm from the lens


  • Visual inspection of printed circuit boards and sheet materials
  • Verifying type on printed matter
  • Inspecting the shape, color, and surface of food and pharmaceuticals
  • Confirming hairline cracks and other surface defects on diameter sheet metals
  • Checking for missing pixels on LCD monitors
  • Visual and foreign substance inspections on precision machined items
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