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RICOH FL-BC5024-9M 1" 9MP 50mm Manual Iris Lens

RICOH FL-BC5024-9M 1" 9MP 50mm Manual Iris Lens


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Unlocking Precision: The RICOH FL-BC5024-9M 9MP Lens

Product Spec Sheet

In the realm of machine vision and industrial applications, precision is paramount. This ethos is encapsulated in the RICOH FL-BC5024-9M 9-megapixel lens, meticulously engineered to meet the stringent demands of modern imaging systems. Designed for compatibility with cameras boasting sensors up to 1-inch format, this manual iris lens offers unparalleled clarity and resolution.

At its core, the FL-BC5024-9M lens embodies innovation and reliability. Its fixed focal length design ensures consistent image quality, while its compact form factor maximizes space efficiency in diverse industrial settings. The lens's 9-megapixel capability elevates imaging standards, capturing intricate details with unrivaled precision.

Equipped with locking screws, this lens guarantees stability and durability, vital for continuous operation in rigorous environments. Its compatibility with both C- and CS-mount cameras underscores its versatility, seamlessly integrating into existing setups for enhanced functionality.

The FL-BC5024-9M lens is not merely a tool; it's a solution. It empowers industries ranging from electronics and automotive manufacturing to pharmaceuticals and food processing, facilitating crucial tasks such as visual inspection, defect detection, and quality control. From scrutinizing printed circuit boards to verifying product integrity, this lens is indispensable in ensuring excellence across various production processes.

Invest in precision today with the RICOH FL-BC5024-9M 9MP lens, and unlock a world of unparalleled imaging capabilities for your machine vision endeavors.


  • Fixed focal length lens
  • High-resolution imagery
  • Compact design for space efficiency
  • 9 Megapixel lens for clarity
  • Locking screws ensure stability
  • Compatible with C- and CS-Mount cameras
  • High resolving power of 135 lp/mm from center to corners of the image


  • Visual inspection of printed circuit boards and sheet materials (metal, paper, film)
  • Verifying type on printed matter
  • Inspecting the shape, color, and surface of food and pharmaceuticals for errors
  • Confirming hairline cracks and other surface defects on diameter sheet metals
  • Checking for missing pixels on LCD monitors
  • Visual and foreign substance inspections on everything from precision machined items to containers
  • Capturing precision machining products such as electronic substrates and wafers
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