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RICOH FL-BC7838-VGUV (C91698) 1" 78mm Ultra-Violet Lens

RICOH FL-BC7838-VGUV (C91698) 1" 78mm Ultra-Violet Lens


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Discover RICOH FL-BC7838-VGUV Lens: Enhancing Precision in Machine Vision Applications

Product Spec Sheet

RICOH FL-BC7838-VGUV (C91698) 1" 78mm Ultra-Violet Lens is engineered for impeccable performance in machine vision and industrial applications. Renowned for its precision optics and high-resolution imaging capabilities, RICOH lenses empower businesses with reliable optical solutions. With a maximum aperture ratio of 1:3.8 and an iris range from 3.8 to 16, these lenses ensure optimal image clarity across various format sizes.

The lens offers a wide horizontal angle of view, facilitating comprehensive coverage for industrial inspections and quality control processes. Its minimum object distance of 0.44m enables detailed imaging of close-range subjects. Designed with a C-mount for compatibility with diverse imaging systems, the RICOH FL-BC7838-VGUV lens excels in demanding environments. Whether utilized in automotive assembly lines, semiconductor manufacturing, or pharmaceutical quality assurance, this lens delivers unparalleled precision and performance.


  • Maximum aperture ratio of 1:3.8
  • Iris range from 3.8 to 16
  • Wide horizontal angle of view
  • C-mount compatibility
  • Minimum object distance of 0.44m
  • Optimum wavelength of 365nm for UV applications


  • Automotive assembly lines
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical quality assurance
  • Industrial inspection and quality control
  • Robotics and automation
  • Printed circuit board (PCB) inspection
  • Packaging inspection
  • Surface inspection in manufacturing processes
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