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RICOH FL-CC0814-2M 2/3" 5MP 8mm Manual Iris Lens

RICOH FL-CC0814-2M 2/3" 5MP 8mm Manual Iris Lens


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Machine Vision Lens Ricoh FL-CC0814-2M: Unmatched Performance for Industrial Imaging

Product Spec Sheet

In the realm of industrial imaging, precision and reliability are non-negotiable. Enter the Ricoh FL-CC0814-2M manual-iris lens series, meticulously engineered to redefine the standard for high-performance imaging in industrial and machine vision applications.

At the heart of these lenses lies a commitment to excellence, optimized for 2 mega-pixel CCD and CMOS sensors. This optimization ensures that each image captured is not just sharp, but breathtakingly detailed, with exceptional contrast that minimizes resolution loss from center to periphery. Whether you're inspecting tiny components or vast manufacturing lines, the Ricoh FL-CC0814-2M lenses deliver clarity that inspires confidence.

But it's not just about image quality; it's about versatility and durability too. These lenses boast a compact size and lightweight construction, making them agile partners in any setting. Whether integrated into factory automation (FA) systems or powering machine vision setups, their robust design ensures they can handle the rigors of industrial environments with ease.

One of the standout features of the Ricoh FL-CC0814-2M series is its ability to significantly reduce distortion, a common challenge in image measurement and recognition. With these lenses, what you see is truly what you get, allowing for precise analysis and reliable decision-making.

And let's not forget about ease of use. With intuitive focus and iris locking mechanisms, fine-tuning your imaging setup has never been simpler. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to efficiency.


  • High-performance lenses for close-up imaging with 2 mega-pixel CCD and CMOS sensors
  • Sharp high resolution, high contrast images, that limit resolution loss from the center to periphery
  • Compact size, light weight, and durability, excellent for FA and machine vision use
  • Greatly reduce distortion for accurate image measurement and recognition
  • Built to handle environments with vibration, featuring easy-to-use, reliable focus and iris locking mechanisms


  • High-precision manufacturing inspection
  • Chip mounters
  • Wafers
  • Electronic substrates
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