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RICOH FL-CC1618-5MX 5MP 16mm FA Camera Lens

RICOH FL-CC1618-5MX 5MP 16mm FA Camera Lens


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Advanced Imaging Precision with RICOH FL-CC1618-5MX 5MP 16mm FA Camera Lens

Product Spec Sheet

In the realm of machine vision and industrial lenses, the RICOH FL-CC1618-5MX stands out as a pinnacle of imaging excellence. Engineered to meet the stringent JIIA (Japan Industrial Imaging Association) lens standards and classified under the prestigious S-Rank (Best Performance Class), these lenses redefine high-resolution imaging for 2/3 5 Megapixel cameras.

Crafted with a floating focusing mechanism and boasting a compact φ33mm design, these lenses effortlessly integrate into diverse equipment setups, ensuring versatility without compromising on image quality. Their high-resolution capabilities extend across the entire field of view, capturing distortion-free images from center to periphery with unparalleled clarity.

The RICOH FL-CC1618-5MX lenses are engineered for a myriad of industrial and machine vision applications. From checking for missing pixels in LCD monitors to surface inspection of metal parts and identifying hairline cracks, these lenses excel in precision quality control tasks. Additionally, they facilitate detailed inspections of shapes, colors, and surfaces in food and pharmaceutical industries, ensuring impeccable product quality.


  • S-Rank classification
  • 5MP resolution throughout the range
  • Compact design (φ33mm)
  • Floating focusing mechanism


  • Checking for missing pixels in LCD monitors
  • Surface inspection of metal parts and hairline cracks
  • Detailed inspections of shape, color, and surface in food and pharmaceuticals
  • Visual sensors for precise quality control
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