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RICOH FL-HC1214-2M (C61232KP) 1/2" 2MP 1/2" Manual Iris Lens

RICOH FL-HC1214-2M (C61232KP) 1/2" 2MP 1/2" Manual Iris Lens


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Enhancing Precision with Ricoh FL-HC1214-2M

Product Spec Sheet

In the world of industrial and machine vision applications, precision is paramount. The Ricoh FL-HC1214-2M stands at the forefront, offering unparalleled performance and reliability. Engineered with meticulous attention to detail, these manual-iris lenses are meticulously crafted to meet the demands of high-resolution image processing. Boasting a resolution of 2 mega-pixels, they excel in capturing intricate details with remarkable clarity and accuracy.

Designed for close-up imaging, these lenses deliver sharp, high-contrast images that minimize resolution loss from the center to the periphery. Their compact size, lightweight construction, and exceptional durability make them ideal for integration into various machine vision systems, ensuring seamless operation in demanding industrial environments.

One of their standout features is the significant reduction of distortion, which often poses challenges in image measurement and recognition. This distortion-free performance enhances the reliability and precision of inspection processes, contributing to increased efficiency and productivity in manufacturing operations.

Furthermore, these lenses are built to withstand environmental factors such as vibration, ensuring consistent performance even in harsh conditions. With user-friendly focus and iris locking mechanisms as standard features, they offer ease of use and reliable operation, empowering users to achieve exceptional results with confidence.

Whether it's high-precision manufacturing inspection, chip mounters, wafers, or electronic substrates, the Ricoh FL-HC1214-2M is the ultimate choice for professionals seeking superior imaging solutions in industrial and machine vision applications. Experience the pinnacle of performance and elevate your vision systems to new heights with Ricoh's cutting-edge technology.


  • High-performance lenses for close-up imaging with 2 mega-pixel CCD and CMOS sensors
  • Sharp high resolution, high contrast images, minimizing resolution loss from center to periphery
  • Compact size, lightweight, and durable, perfect for FA and machine vision applications
  • Significant distortion reduction for improved image measurement and recognition
  • Built to withstand environmental challenges like vibration, with reliable focus and iris locking mechanisms


  • High-precision manufacturing inspection
  • Chip mounters
  • Wafers
  • Electronic substrates
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