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RICOH FP-RG01 (C90102) 1MM Spacer

RICOH FP-RG01 (C90102) 1MM Spacer


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RICOH FP-RG01 (C90102) 1MM Spacer: Enhancing Precision Imaging

Our RICOH FP-RG01 (C90102) 1MM Spacer stands as a pinnacle in the realm of precision imaging, meticulously crafted to meet the stringent demands of machine vision and industrial applications. Engineered with utmost precision, this spacer seamlessly integrates with extension tubes, boasting a 31mm diameter for compatibility with various optical setups.

Customers benefit from its exceptional build quality and precise specifications, ensuring unparalleled performance in capturing high-resolution images. Whether it's factory automation, quality control, or product inspection, our spacer enhances optical configurations for superior imaging solutions.

With a focus on optical excellence, Ricoh's spacer contributes to the seamless operation of machine vision systems, providing clear and accurate imaging crucial for industrial processes.

Enhance precision imaging with RICOH FP-RG01 1MM Spacer. Perfect for machine vision & industrial applications. Buy now!


  • Precision engineering
  • 1mm spacer for optical setups
  • Compatible with extension tubes
  • High-quality materials
  • Ensures clear and accurate imaging


  • Factory automation
  • Quality control
  • Product inspection
  • Optical configurations
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