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RICOH FP-RG10 (C90104) 10MM Spacer

RICOH FP-RG10 (C90104) 10MM Spacer


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Ricoh FP-RG10 10MM Spacer: Precision Optics for Industrial Imaging

The Ricoh FP-RG10 10MM Spacer is a crucial component in the realm of machine vision and industrial imaging. Renowned for its precision and reliability, Ricoh lenses have been at the forefront of optical technology for years. The FP-RG10, specifically designed as an extension tube 10mm spacer with a 31mm diameter, seamlessly integrates into machine vision systems to enhance imaging accuracy and performance.

With applications ranging from quality control and inspection to robotics and automation, the FP-RG10 facilitates the detection of minute details in manufacturing processes. Its precise construction ensures optimal image clarity and consistency, even in challenging industrial environments.

Moreover, the FP-RG10 is compatible with a wide range of machine vision systems, offering versatility and adaptability to diverse industrial settings. Whether used in pharmaceuticals, automotive, electronics, or any other industry requiring high-precision imaging, the FP-RG10 delivers exceptional results.

From increasing production efficiency to ensuring product quality, the FP-RG10 empowers businesses to streamline operations and achieve greater levels of accuracy in their processes. Invest in Ricoh's cutting-edge optics solutions and elevate your machine vision capabilities today.

Elevate your machine vision with Ricoh FP-RG10. Precision optics for industrial imaging. Buy now!


  • Precision optics
  • Seamless integration
  • Compatible with machine vision systems
  • Enhanced imaging accuracy


  • Quality control and inspection
  • Robotics and automation
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Automotive assembly
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